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Myth Hydrogen Fueling Stations are More Dangerous than Gasoline Stations

Naysayers, critics and fear-mongers have stated over the years that hydrogen gas is so much more dangerous than any other kind of fuel. This group has equated hydrogen cars to Hindenburgs on wheels.

They have said that hydrogen fueling stations are to be feared, not used. According to this group, the whole H2 structures can quickly go up in flames killing everyone in sight as if a small, nuclear H-bomb was dropped upon them.

Well for anyone who thinks that gasoline stations are bulletproof safe, here is a story that happened today (see picture above) about a gas station blast that killed at least 73 people.

Now, hydrogen fueling stations are not totally without incident as there was this blast that happened in 2010 at a General Motors owned station at the Greater Rochester International Airport. With this accident, however, only two people were injured and only one had to go to the hospital, but was released shortly thereafter. To date, no one has been killed by using a hydrogen fueling station.

Now, this comparison between gasoline stations and hydrogen stations isn’t intended to show that both are super  dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. On the contrary, besides being impractical, both kinds of fuel are relatively safe. Since they are fuels they need to be handled with care.

So, all in all, once in a blue moon, accidents will happen. And, the public, at large will continue to fuel up and go about their business.


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