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ITM Power Moves into California

The last time I talked about the UK company ITM Power they were headed into the European market, targeting refueling for fuel cell forklifts. This time, however, they are headed to Cal-i-forn-eye-ay (California) developing hydrogen fueling stations for fuel cell cars.

According to ITM Power, “… the energy storage and clean fuel company, is pleased to announce that through its newly established US company, ITM Power Inc., it has received a purchase order from Hydrogen Frontier, Inc. (”HFI”) of California to supply a rapid response electrolyser unit to be integrated into a refuelling station at the head office of Hyundai Motor Corp. in Chino CA.

“The award for an electrolyser-based hydrogen refuelling station comes from the California Energy Commission (CEC) which approved the proposal on 11 April 2013. The refuelling Station will be located at the Californian Fuel Cell Technical Centre of Hyundai Motors Corporation near the I10 which is the longest highway in the USA, running along the southern border connecting the west and east coasts. The refuelling unit will be capable of generating 100kg/day of hydrogen with the ability to dispense at both 350 and 700bar.”

As California ramps up the number of hydrogen fueling stations open to the public over the next few years, it’s good to know that a company that uses water and electrolyzers to create hydrogen fuel such as ITM Power will have stake in the growing H2 infrastructure of the Golden State.

As a modern prospector may say, “Thar’s hydrogen in them thar pumps!” 🙂



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  1. This is the second time material has leaked out prematurely. your IT people might consider working
    off your website with any material until it is ready to be out.

    Last time it was a preparation on material handling which never materialised

  2. Hydro Kevin

    I appreciate the concern, but I didn’t “leak” anything that wasn’t posted elsewhere on the Internet first.

    My information comes from other websites such as these:

  3. I thought I was directing comment at ITM ; only after having posted , did I realise it was comment to you. Sorry . I appreciate work you do consistently to promote Hydrogen Economy

    The boys at ITM were at Dusseldorf 2nd & 3rd July. This time for a HEAVY convocation on G2P. Literally the virtuous circle

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