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ITM Power Makes First H2 Fueling Station Sale in U. S.

Since it is September 11 today, I would like to first pay homage to those who lost their lives during the terrorist attack on 09-11-2001.

Now, onto other news. ITM Power from the UK received its first purchase order from Hydrogen Frontier, Incorporated (HFI) for a hydrogen fueling station rapid response electrolyser. I had first talked about ITM Power jumping into the California marketplace on July 3, 2013 and partnering with HFI on a hydrogen fueling station to be built at Hyundai Motor Corp. in Chino, California.

On August 6, 2013, I had talked about this station is expected to be operating in the Fall of 2014 and open to the public.

Here is an update from today’s press release, “The award for an electrolyser-based hydrogen refuelling station comes from the California Energy Commission (CEC) which approved the proposal on April 11, 2013. The refuelling station will be located at the Hyundai America Technical Center testing facility near the I-10 freeway. The refuelling unit, deployed in collaboration with Powertech Labs in Canada, will be capable of generating 100kg/day of hydrogen with the ability to dispense at both 350 and 700bar.

“The award for the complete refuelling station is US$3 million and was issued under two set asides, namely the ‘100 percent renewable’ and ‘non-road categories’. This means that the hydrogen will be produced on site as a 100percent renewable fuel, and that the station will dispense hydrogen for public use for fuel cell electric vehicles, and provide hydrogen for Hyundai’s Tucson Fuel Cell fleet and fork lifts.”

And, since this station is being built only 37 miles from my home, you can see why I’m starting to get really gassed about this.


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  1. Thanks for posting. This is great news for truly clean energy produced via electrolysis powered by renewables.

  2. Kevin,
    I remember just a few short years ago you scoffed when I suggested the infrastructure for H2 Distribution was already in place via the Electric Grid.
    I’m so glad you are on board now and ready to refill from an electrolyzer. 😀

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