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Hydrogen Fueling Station Placed Near the North Pole

innish H2 Fueling Station
innish H2 Fueling Station

I’ve talked many times and in many of the past years how hydrogen fuel cells are lighting up Christmas around the world. Now, Santa is getting his own hydrogen fueling station and one that he’s willing to share with others.

H2 Logic decided it would be logical to place a hydrogen fueling station in Finland 150 meters above the polar circle at the Arctic Driving Centre (pictured above). At this frigid northern outpost the temperatures will dip at time as low as -49 F.

In the past I’ve quipped that in the future I believe one day Santa’s sled will be powered by hydrogen fuel cell. The H2 Logic fueling station is 700 bar meaning it dispenses hydrogen gas at 10,000 dpi for long journeys around the North Pole and elsewhere.

This H2Station from H2 Logic was manufactured in accordance with SAE J2601 specifications. The fast fill station will refuel most hydrogen vehicles in 3 minutes or under.

The Finnish fueling station will give engineers a chance to test not only the station but how H2 fueled cars and other vehicles perform in extremely cold weather. The Finnish educational system for decades has been ranked in the top in the world (way ahead of the United States).

So, my guess is (being ½ Finnish myself, second generation) is that this is a very smart move that will showcase that hydrogen cars and fueling stations are ready for prime time. From desert sands to the Arctic Circle, hydrogen cars and fueling stations perform as one would expect, reliably and without a lot of drama.

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  1. Kevin, thanks for all the great work. I read your newsletter each morning.

    As I live on the frigid Canadian prairies, I am grateful to see someone is testing hydrogen refueling in the far north. It is one thing to be a fan of a new technology, quite another for it to work here year ’round.

  2. For emergency purpose power has come from hydrogen.

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