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Germany Will Get 10 Hydrogen Fueling Stations from Air Liquide

By the witching hour in 2015, Air Liquide will have built 10 hydrogen fueling stations in Germany. This will bring the total up to 50 public filling stations for the German Hydrogen Highway network.

According to Air Liquide, “By 2015, Germany will have a supply network of at least 50 public filling stations. Air Liquide will design and build 10 of those hydrogen filling stations: 3 in North Rhine-Westphalia, 2 each in Hesse, 2 in Saxony and Southern Germany and 1 in Lower Saxony.

“Today, 59 hydrogen filling stations have been designed and delivered by Air Liquide in the world. Air Liquide Germany has been very active in deploying hydrogen energy projects: four hydrogen filling stations have already been commissioned throughout the country.”

Right now in the 2012 London Olympics, the United States, China, Russia, Great Britain and even Japan lead Germany in total medals. But, when it comes to building a hydrogen car fueling infrastructure, Germany has sprinted far ahead of the pack and won’t be checking over their shoulders any time soon.

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