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Germany Commits to 50 Hydrogen Fueling Stations by 2015

Germany which is already the worldwide frontrunner in hydrogen cars and hydrogen fueling stations has just decided to commit to being even more proactive. Right now, Germany is part of the European Union Hydrogen Highway system and has a reported 41 hydrogen fueling stations, both public and private. The number of public stations however is only 15. This is about to change.

According to The Green Car Website, “It might sound like a small start, with plans to install around 50 public filling stations by 2015 across Germany, but it will make the country a leading force in the development of a hydrogen economy.

“The German Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development has today signed a joint Letter of Intent with several industry partners to expand the network of fuelling stations from current 15 stations across the country. The letter forms part of the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP), in which Germany’s federal government will work with its partners; Air Liquide, Air Products, Daimler, Linde and Total Germany to expand the public network. The German government’s own NOW GmbH (National Organisation for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology) will coordinate the construction of the filling stations.”

Small numbers of commercial hydrogen cars are expected to be available starting in the 2014/2015 time frame. Companies like Hyundai and Daimler have stated that they intend to start selling hydrogen cars by 2014 while other companies like Toyota and General Motors have stated they will be ready to rollout commercial hydrogen vehicles by 2015.

By the looks of this recent announcement, Germany will be the first place that these limited edition hydrogen cars are rolled out commercially. All eyes will be on Germany and its drivers when this happens to analyze the successes and failures of such a world-changing endeavor.

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  1. “Mercedes-Benz Canada yesterday (21st June 2012) officially opened its automated automotive fuel cell stack production facility in Burnaby, British Columbia. The 3,300 square metre facility is, according to the company, ‘the world’s first automated automotive facility dedicated to the production and production technology development of fuel cell stacks.’”

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