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German H2 Mobility Plan Takes Another Step into the Future

Back in September 2009 I had talked about how 8 major companies had signed onto the H2 Mobility program that will involves erecting hundreds of hydrogen fueling stations throughout Germany by the year 2015.

The H2 Mobility plan has now taken another step into the future. Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) members Statoil, Linde, and TOTAL have opened a high end, new technology hydrogen fueling station at Holzmarktstrasse in Berlin, Germany.

According to Statoil, “Fuel on the outside and high-tech on the inside: this fuelling station offers ideal conditions for the long-term supply of the more than 40 cars and commuter busses currently being tested by the CEP. At the new TOTAL fuelling station on Holzmarktstrasse, hydrogen is dispensed in liquid and gaseous form via 350 bar and 700 bar filling pumps. CEP thus becomes Europe’s first project to strive for compliance with international standards – an important step toward worldwide norms in H2 supply.

“Statoil uses electrolysis to produce gaseous hydrogen on the premises. The electricity required for this is ‘green’, i.e. certified to come from renewable energy sources. The electrolysis device is a world first and can be powered up and shut down very quickly and flexibly, which makes it suitable for use with wind farms as well.”

Not only has Germany decided to build out its hydrogen fueling station infrastructure in a massive way towards the 2015 goal, but it has decided to do so using renewable energy sources. This sends a signal to the rest of the world that hydrogen fuel can be clean and green from “well to wheel” fulfilling both criteria of energy independence and zero emissions from start to finish.

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  2. Terrific work! The Germans are doing it right with their development of hydrogen infrastructure. Shame on the U. S. for not following suit. What can a person do when the President and Congress are yawning over hydrogen?

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