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Ford, BP Open Hydrogen Fueling Station in Taylor, Michigan

Ford Motor Company and British Petroleum (BP) have joined forces to open up a hydrogen fueling station in Taylor, Michigan. The city of Taylor has already been operating a fleet of hydrogen buses and cars for about a year.

The hydrogen fueling station was opened during a media event on Tuesday, highlighting the advantages of hydrogen cars and moving to a hydrogen infrastructure. During this public awareness project, Ford demonstrated several of its hydrogen-powered Ford Focus FCV automobiles, of which it has 30 rolled out in the U. S., Canada and Germany.

The Taylor hydrogen fueling station will be Michigan’s eighth station. Michigan is the second-leading state in hydrogen fueling stations, following only California, which currently has 23 stations. For perspective, New York has two stations, Florida one and Texas has none.

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  1. Proton Energy makes the electrolizers for these oil companies..

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