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First Hydrogen and Hythane Fueling Station to Come to India

The first hydrogen and hythane fueling station is being built in Delhi, India for an expected rollout in the Fall of 2008. Hythane Company, LLC (a subsidiary of Eden Energy Limited) will be responsible for supplying and installing the station.

Hythane is a blend of hydrogen and compressed natural gas (CNG). I first reported on this HCNG station in September 2006 and then again in November 2006 I talked about the Indian Oil Corporation wanting to open this station in 2007, but not having selected a vendor yet.

Now, the Indian Oil Corporation has selected Hythane Company, LLC from Littleton, Colorado for the task. The Delhi station will dispense both compressed hydrogen and compressed hythane fuel. The exact blend of hydrogen with CNG to create hythane, however, has not yet been released.

Depending upon the blend, many of the vehicles currently running on CNG will not have to have any modifications to run on hythane. One of the major benefits of using hythane is that it greatly reduces the nitrous oxide and other emissions when compared with natural gas vehicles.

A second benefit of hythane is that it can easily be integrated into the existing CNG infrastructure. Hythane is seen as a promising transitional fuel with practical applications now that can be used until pure hydrogen takes over the marketplace sometime down the road.

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    What is the max. ration we can blend hydrogen with CNG? how intimate mixing can we achieve as hydrogen being light gas, hence will move faster?

  2. hi i want to know the location of hythane fuelng station

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