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Finland’s First H2 Station Opens

Finland’s largest gas manufacturer, Woikoski, has opened the country’s first hydrogen fueling station. The station is located in Vuosaari Harbour, at the Port of Helsinki.

According to Finbay, “Woikoski is utilizing by-product hydrogen from various chemical plants and also expanding its hydrogen production capacity in Finland. The company has already invested in new hydrogen road transport vehicles.

“The cost of the necessary European-wide hydrogen fuelling infrastructure could be five times lower than the cost of the charging network required for battery and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

“Woikoski has been producing hydrogen for over 100 years and is the old gas company in Finland. According to Woikoski, it is currently transporting 500 tons of hydrogen annually and planning to deploy more hydrogen refuelling stations in Finland and worldwide.”

Employees at Woikoski are also driving Finland’s first hydrogen car, the Hyundai ix35 Tucson FCEV. Since I’m partly of Finnish heritage this story is of particular interest to me. Hyvin tehty, Finns!


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