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Canadian City Requiring Alternative Fuels at New Stations

The city of Surrey in British Columbia, Canada is getting with the program. The City Council realizes that alternative fuels and vehicles are the future. This is why they are requiring all new fueling stations to offer in addition to gasoline, diesel and propane at least one additional alternative fuel such as hydrogen, CNG or electric vehicle charging.

I’ve talked about the city of Surrey before. This town is one stop along the current Canadian Hydrogen Highway in British Columbia. In 2009, I had talked about how Surrey was preparing for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics by installing a hydrogen fueling station in that town.

In fact, Surrey has two municipal hydrogen fueling stations, two Ford Focus hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and at least in 2010 was one of the stops along the route for 20 hydrogen buses that carried passengers along to the different Olympic events.

The City Council in Surrey isn’t stating that hydrogen is the only way forward but one of several important paths that lead to cleaner air and less dependence upon foreign fuels. Now, if we could just get a few U. S. cities to join in this movement, we may have an actual movement on our hands – a forward-thinking movement (backed by action) into a future filled with alternative vehicles that laugh at the high gasoline prices we are forced to pay today.

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    Go Surrey!

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    It is sure that we will switch the fuel after some time, because it is becoming more difficult for us to handle the rise in prize of fuels, and hydrogen will be a great idea for future.

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