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California Schools Drop Hydrogen Fueling Stations

On July 24, 2006, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved two schools, San Diego Unified School District and California State University, Los Angeles to develop and install two different hydrogen fueling stations on their campuses for educational purposes.

After spending $50,000 to research and develop the project, the Thurgood Marshall Middle School in San Diego, dropped the project forfeiting a $1.25 million grant that was funding the development of the station. The problems cited for dropping the project were various issues related to acquiring an appropriate piece of land, and the failure of the district to come up with $1.2 million in matching funds.

Cal State, Los Angeles backed out of the building of their hydrogen fueling station citing similar reasons. The station at the Cal State campus was supposed to use 100-percent renewable wind energy to generate the necessary hydrogen. The station at the middle school in San Diego would have been powered by solar photovoltaic cells.

What would have been an incredible learning experience for students in regard to hydrogen is now just dust in the wind. The good news is that according to the National Hydrogen Association, 16 more hydrogen fueling stations are still being developed throughout the state to add to the 25 active hydrogen fueling stations already in operation inside of California.

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  1. Can you point me in the right direction toward starting a Hyrdogen distribution system in my community. I live in Sea Cliff, NY which is on Long Island.


  2. admin

    Certainly! You may wish to check with some of the following hydrogen station manufacturers such as Air Products, Shell Hydrogen, or ChevronTexaco to see what their plans are for New York.

    In addition, check out this link for communities who want to build their own portable hydrogen stations:

  3. admin

    Here’s an update worth checking out:

    Here is the link to our web page & web cam for our hydrogen station currently under construction –

    350 & 700 BAR, 60 KG/day and 60 KG storage. Hydrogenics electrolyzer and Quantum fueling technology.

    The electrolyzer, compressors and storage tanks have been placed as of this week.

    Please scroll down the web page to see the rendering of our station. I hope you like it. Our design has a walk-through area inside the station near the back to allow for tours for guests and students.


    Virgil Seaman, Ph.D.
    Department of Technology
    California State University, Los Angeles

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