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50 Hydrogen Fueling Stations Confirmed for Germany

By 2015, 50 hydrogen fueling stations have been confirmed for Germany for both the metropolitan areas and major roadways. Compare this to California which right now, has 9 public hydrogen fueling stations open and 19 in development. In addition, California intends to have 100 hydrogen fueling stations open by 2023.

But, Germany has clearly taken a leadership position in building out its hydrogen infrastructure. According to NOW, “At the Hanover Industrial Fair, the leaders of the initiatives, who bring together the interests of almost 30 top companies, institutes and associations, are signing a declaration confirming this commitment: over the next 10 years, 300 companies from the automotive and supply industry, energy supply, specialty chemicals as well as machine and equipment manufacturers, plan to invest more than two billion euro for the market activation of a sustainable, secure and profitable hydrogen mobility. From 2023 a self-sustaining market can be achieved …

“…Supported through the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP), the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) is pursuing the goal of providing a total of 50 hydrogen refuelling stations in German metropolitan regions and along the main motorways by 2015. The development of the hydrogen refuelling station network accompanies the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles. The participating companies and the federal government are investing over 40 million euro in this.”

And if you’d like to see a map of the distribution of hydrogen fueling stations in Germany, go to the NOW website.

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