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Hydrogen Storage Issue Solved In South Korea

In order for hydrogen cars to start rolling out anytime soon, the hydrogen infrastructure has to be in place. This means, hydrogen production, storage and distribution channels all have to be working in order to deliver the product to waiting automobiles.

One of the pieces to this infrastructure puzzle, may have just been solved by Professor Lim Ji-sun of Seoul National University’s School of Physics. Professor Ji-sun has announced that by attaching a titanium atom to a polymer, mass quantities of hydrogen may be stored at room temperature and in an uncompressed state.

A storage tank using this polymer may be used inside hydrogen cars, transport trucks and by the manufacturer’s themselves to store the H2 after production. This not only will solve a storage issue, but a distribution issue as well since massive amounts of hydrogen can by transported via trucks, trains and ships using such a storage system.

New technology and ingenuity such as this will move us down the hydrogen pathway a little faster and easier. In this age of a true global economy, it’s good to see new and inventive ideas from around the world benefiting many people in many different regions of the earth simultaneously.

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