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DOE Delivers $15.3 Million for Hydrogen Storage Solutions

The U. S. Department of Energy has announced that it will deliver up to $15.3 million for 10 different hydrogen storage solution projects. The money is part of President Bush’s Hydrogen Fuel Initiative that I’ve talked about several times before.

These cost-shared programs intend to find novel storage solutions for hydrogen. One of the most novel approaches is $1.9 million for the University of Missouri to use corncobs to develop high carbon surface storage materials. Yes, it’s kind of a corny concept, but the idea is to use locally grown materials for the R&D efforts.

Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois will be involved in the doping of metal hydrides and UCLA in Los Angeles, California will be involved in light metal impregnation.

According to the DOE, “The selected projects seek to develop hydrogen storage technologies to enable fuel cell vehicles to meet customer expectations for longer driving range and performance. The projects include development of novel hydrogen storage materials, development of efficient methods for regeneration of hydrogen storage materials, and approaches to increase hydrogen binding energies to enable room temperature hydrogen storage.”

The DOE Under Secretary Clarence Albright made this announcement during the Washington DC stop along the Hydrogen Road Tour this week.

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