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Plasma Enhanced Melter Causes Hydrogen Production Breakthrough

In Port Arthur, Texas, InEnTec Chemical announced a breakthrough with its Plasma Enhanced Melter for the creation of large quantities of hydrogen syngas. Dow Corning of Michigan will be adopting this technology at their chemical plant to turn what is regarded as hazardous waste into high quality syngas including high purity hydrogen, methanol and hydrogen/carbon monoxide.

The InEnTec Plasma Enhanced Melter works by using high voltage electricity plus gas and waste products, which it heats in a chamber up to 18,000 F. The mixture turns into hydrogen-rich syngas plus a pool of glass at the bottom of the chamber that can be used for roofing tiles and other applications.

Because of the success of this demonstration project InEnTec expects to open up its high volume, high purity hydrogen production facility later this year. The Plasma Enhanced Melter technology both helps large chemical companies meet their environmental and sustainability goals and create a valuable commodity in the hydrogen gas.

Because of breakthrough technology such as this, we take another step towards solving the hydrogen car infrastructure issue, where H2 on a massive volume will need to be produced.

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  1. I wonder why we do not get news such as this in the front page of mainstream newspapers 🙂

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    I think the mainstream media is so into the here and now that many times they will have a blind eye towards the future. ADHD in the media has its place, but it sure misses a lot of trends, new developments and exciting upcoming technology as well.

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