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Michael Graetzel Improves Solar Cell to Produce Hydrogen

Michael Graetzel, the father of the Graetzel Cell, a kind of dye-sensitized solar cell, has developed an improved photoelectrochemical cell that will more efficiently and cost-effectively produce hydrogen. Details of the unprecedented development are expected to be released by the Journal of the American Chemical Society within the next 10 days.

Michael Graetzel first developed the Graetzel Cell in 1991, which uses low-cost materials and simple apparatus in manufacturing. The cells have a simple structure and the newest breakthrough technology is supposed to increase quantum efficiency from the current level of 37-percent to an all-time high of 42-percent.

The significance of these new solar cells is that they will be able to produce electricity more cheaply that other solar cells and also will bring down the price of producing renewable hydrogen to all-time lows. At a time, when small numbers of hydrogen cars are starting to rollout and skeptics are criticizing the wisdom of using natural gas to produce hydrogen for cars, a new, cheaper and more efficient solar cell for producing hydrogen will be a welcome addition to the environmental scene.

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