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Iran Catching Up in Hydrogen Production

George W. Bush called Iran an “Axis of Evil”. And there is no doubt U. S relations with that country have been strained at best especially after the most recent questionable election.

But, one of the positive qualities of researchers and scientists working within a global economy is that politics plays less of a role that solutions. For instance, near Tabriz, Iran, scientists at the Color Pars Company have succeeded in producing hydrogen that is 99.99 percent pure.

The scientists are using electrolysis to create the high grade hydrogen which can be used in medical instrumentation and fuel cell cars. High purity hydrogen such as this is not needed in cars with internal combustion engines.

But, because of poisoning and degradation in fuel cells is directly related to their longevity, high purity hydrogen is needed to extend the life of the FC. The scientists are using high pressure electrolysis (HPE) in order to crack that water into hydrogen and oxygen more efficiently.

At a time when many nations are using their fossil fuel resources as political footballs its refreshing to hear a case where green energy is more about the science than it is the politics.

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