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Hydrogen Solar, Ltd. Awarded Grant for New Technology

Hydrogen Solar, Ltd., a British company with offices in both Guildford, UK and Henderson, Nevada, has been awarded a $135,000 grant for direct solar-to-hydrogen conversion technology. While other companies exist that use solar energy to electrolyze water in order to create hydrogen, Hydrogen Solar, Ltd., uses a unique, patented process for direct solar-to-hydrogen conversions.

The South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) is underwriting the grant for the company’s work building upon its present photoactive thin film iron oxide nanoparticle technology. The grant is expected to help Hydrogen Solar, Ltd., increase efficiency in both test and scaled units.

In 2005, Hydrogen Solar, Ltd., was honored with the Scientific American 50 Award, taking both 9th and 10th place for their work with solar-to-hydrogen technology at competitive commercial rates. Especially appealing is the company’s dye-based photovoltaic array that works well under weak lighting conditions.

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