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Hydrogen Peroxide and Aluminum as Super Fuel for Cars

Here’s a blast from the past. I want to take you back to 1999 when the Gillette Mach 3 Challenger motorcycle broke the land speed record running on hydrogen peroxide and aluminum and hit the record mark of 365 miles per hour at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

In the past, I’ve talked many times about the merits of hydrogen peroxide or H2O2 as a potential future fuel for cars. It is already being used in race cars, race motorcycles, rocket ships, jetpacks and for some batteries.

Recently I’ve talked about the merits of water or H2O plus aluminum creating hydrogen for cars. In fact, many times over the past 4 years I’ve talked about this same subject. But, the last time I had talked about H2O2 plus aluminum creating hydrogen for vehicles was 2007.

Now, high purity hydrogen peroxide (90-percent plus) as opposed to low purity (10-percent) that you buy at the pharmacy, can be corrosive and unstable and must be handled with extreme care. In fact, some would argue that H2O2 is not safe enough to put directly into a vehicle other than a race car, rocket ship or jetpack. Tell that though to the Chinese who produced a prototype called the Habo No. 1 which did use hydrogen peroxide for fuel.

But, what if instead, hydrogen peroxide and aluminum (instead of silver or platinum) were used at the fueling pump to create hydrogen on demand for cars? Or at least it could be produced nearby and the resulting hydrogen could be piped or trucked only short distances.

In this regard, the people who handle the hydrogen peroxide would be the trained professionals who deliver it to the fueling stations or at the nearby off-site production locations. As in splitting H2O, the only byproduct of splitting H2O2 is a little steam and heat.

Anyway, I keep coming back to this point because I see potential in the idea but not a whole lot of development. Any hydrogen fuel producers want to take me up on this challenge?

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  1. Zero Fossil Fuels has said he wants to investigate aluminum to hydrogen production. I’m no knowledgeable enough to know whether it’s viable. My idea is to produce small bb size batteries that could be pumped into a battery tank at a service station. At the same time depleted bb batteries in the tank could be pumped into the service station charging system and the customer could be on his way.

  2. Just another alternative energy junkie, stopping by to say, Hi, Good job, and Make your own! Though easier said than done, Sometimes its the best way to get things done! 10 points on an awesome idea!

  3. for any information about this subject can i supporting any one bcoz i realize more systems functioning with hydrogen

  4. international academy of technical sciences

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