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Hydrogen Generators See Demand Rising

The interest, ordering and sales of hydrogen generators has been spiking recently. Large commercial hydrogen generators, portable hydrogen generators and home hydrogen generators have all been in demand.

Large commercials hydrogen generators that are electrolysis based are used in the production of LCD’s and semiconductors. These generators clean the semiconductors while reducing water consumed and water treatment costs.

Portable hydrogen generators have also come on the market to compete with gasoline generators that are much more noisy and polluting than those that run on fuel cells. One particular niche market for the portable hydrogen generators are contractors who work in large urban buildings and skyscrapers, where noise and fumes is an issue.

Home hydrogen generators is another market that is being pioneered. With people wondering how they are to fuel up the prototype hydrogen cars the are testing, several companies like GM, General Electric and Hydrogenics have been developing home units. A British company, ITM Power has also developed a home hydrogen generator for use on a hydrogen-powered Ford Focus that is currently being tested in the United Kingdom.

With the demand for hydrogen generators at an all time high, it doesn’t seem like the interest will be waning any time soon.

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