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Hydrogen Diesel Injection Developed by Alternative Energy Corporation

In March of 2007, I had talked about Alternative Energy Corporation (AEC) creating a new method of producing hydrogen cleanly without electrolyzing water or steam reforming natural gas. At that time, I had spoken with CEO Blaine Froats about the chemical process of creating bulk hydrogen and the valuable byproducts this process would also create.

At that time, because of non-disclosure agreements, AEC was not able to say what these chemical byproducts were. In July 2007, AEC announced that three of the chemical byproducts produced by their patented process were calcium citrate, magnesium citrate and ferric chloride. The first two of these chemicals would be sold in the food, pharmaceutical and dietary supplement markets.

Now, AEC has disclosed that it is developing a hydrogen injection system for diesel trucks to be developed in parallel with the hydrogen production pilot program. AEC’s Hydrogen Injection Process (HIP) will increase fuel efficiency and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and will not involve the electrolysis of water like other systems currently on the market.

The process on injecting hydrogen into the diesel’s intake manifold will increase horsepower, increase fuel savings by 10 to 25-percent and cut CO2 emissions by 8 to 25-percent along with greater decreases in other toxic fumes. The average per year fuel savings will be approximately $9,000 per truck.

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  1. I’m a new owner of a ’06 f250 with the 6.0 liter (diesel) in it and would like to know the options i have for putting a hydrogen system on it. I would like an option that is covered by warranty and is tested by MANY. If any one has an option for me please post.

  2. admin

    If you are talking about a full conversion, then check out this link:

    If you’re talking about adding supplemental hydrogen then check out this link:

  3. Hello Hydro Bill, I am interested in diesel + H2 injection, and gasoline+H2 injection for portable and stationary power generators. What is available ? What are the most reliable websites ? Who are the leaders today ? I am not interested in old electrolysis to produce H2 gas. What can you recommend ?

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