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H2Gen Delivery Hydrogen Generator to Chevron Station in Orlando

H2Gen has delivered a fully-tested HGM 2000 hydrogen generation system, based upon the reforming of natural gas, to be incorporated into a ChevronTexaco fueling station near the airport in Orlando, Florida. The project has been partially funded by the Florida EPA and will be used to fuel at least eight Ford E-450 V-10 powered hydrogen shuttle buses that went into production June 2006. The shuttle buses will be used to transport passengers around the Orlando International Airport.

This is not the first Chevron hydrogen filling station to come online, however. In February 2005, ChevronTexaco unveiled its first hydrogen fueling station in Chino, California at the Hyundai-Kia Technical Center. The demonstration project was part of a five-year program underwritten by the U. S. Department of Energy to show that hydrogen can be handled safely in a real-world setting.

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  1. Kevin, thanks for drawing this amazing vehicle to my attention. I think you are right that this is the future. Hopefully it will come sonner that the naysayers think.
    David Adams
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