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Georgia Tech Carbon Capture Car Champs

Georgia Institute of Technology is researching a method to capture carbon in cars before it comes out the tailpipe. Georgia Tech is developing its carbon capture technology on both liquid fossil fuels and synthetic fuels.

The carbon capture technology will separate the hydrogen from the CO2 in liquid form and then use the hydrogen in an internal combustion engine or fuel cell. The liquid CO2 will be sequestered and removed at the fueling station and then be transported elsewhere for permanent storage.

The advantage of capturing the CO2 in liquid form before it becomes exhaust is that it can be stored and transported in a purer and denser state. Other automobile manufacturers in the past have developed onboard reformers for gasoline or methanol to separate the hydrogen from the carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

But, Georgia Tech has not only developed the CHAMP (CO2 / H2 Active Membrane Piston) reactor for carbon capture, but they are developing a system that will lead to carbon sequestration as well. If this system is successful, then hydrogen cars based upon fossil fuels first and synthetic fuels later, could be just around the corner.

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