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GEM Won’t Let Hydrogen Go to Waste

GEM (General Environmental Management,) won’t let hydrogen go to waste or put another way, will let waste go to hydrogen. GEM located in Pomona, California, is a leader in the removal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in the Western United States.

GEM along with the Institute for Clean Energy Technology (ICET) has applied for a patent to generate hydrogen-on-demand from waste products. GEM has discovered that a certain combination of alkali metal, waste products and water will produce large quantities of hydrogen as needed and for very low cost.

The combination of the three elements treats the waste and generates thermal energy, which in turn produces hydrogen. Hydrogen from waste products is seen as an alternative to producing hydrogen from natural gas, which causes more greenhouse gas emissions.

What do I think of this idea? General Environmental Management has come up with quite a GEM.

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