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Direct Solar to Hydrogen Production Getting Closer

Researchers in Germany have discovered that by using solar energy coupled with the semiconductor, titanium disilicide (TiSi2), hydrogen can be produced from water. At the Max Planck Institute, Martin Demuth and his team have discovered that this brand of silicide can also absorb hydrogen as well and release it at low temperatures and pressures.

The photocatalyst also splits water into oxygen, absorbs and releases it under different conditions than the hydrogen making the separation of the two elements quite simplistic. For those people who think that the only way to create hydrogen is from electrolysis of water or steam reformation of natural gas, the use of titanium disilicide and solar energy will one day offer another option of the many already listed on this blog for producing the most abundant element in the universe.

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  1. So instead of relying on instable dictatorial regimes in the middle east for oil you are going to rely on instable dictatorial regimes in the middle east for hydrogen.

    Well I guess that is an improvement 🙂

  2. So why the middle east? What about Australia, the southwestern U.S., Brazil, Chile, Peru?

  3. admin

    So, I don’t even understand the references to the Middle East? The only reference was to Germany in the original post.

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