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Designer Microbe Produces Hydrogen for Vehicles

When it comes to getting people excited about any new technology, the issue of credibility comes into play. And, if one of the key players developing this new technology has a solid pedigree for success then this adds fuel to the excitement.

John Craig Venter who cracked the humane genome mystery in the year 2000, has taken on another difficult project. This time Dr. Venter is attempting to crack the mass production of hydrogen issue that will be necessary for a hydrogen-based economy to unfold.

Dr. Venter is using his DNA experience to create designer microbes that will absorb carbon and give off hydrogen. The Mycoplasma laboratorium are made up of many snippets of DNA and most likely will be designed to die once they leave laboratory conditions, quelling objections from the bioethicists.

The synthetic bacteria created in laboratory conditions have far-reaching implications for the creation of alternative fuels and other products such as synthetic drugs. Technological breakthroughs such as this will be necessary for the hydrogen transportation system to take root. One day, in the not too distant future, this Petri dish to gas tank technology may just be the norm.

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