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China’s GreenGen Parallels FutureGen Clean Coal Technology

Yesterday, I talked about the FutureGen clean coal power plant being built in Mattoon, Illinois. Today, I want to talk about a parallel project called GreenGen that is being built in China.

As you probably already know, next to the United States, China is the largest gross polluter on this earth, largely due to the burning of coal. The GreenGen project, like FutureGen intends to introduce clean coal technology to that country.

The largest coal producer in the U. S., Peabody Energy also now has a stake in GreenGen as well. In fact, Peabody is GreenGen’s only non-Chinese equity partner.

The $1 billion GreenGen power plant will be built just outside of Beijing. The GreenGen plant will initially go up as a 250-megawatt facility and then expanded to a 650-megawatt power plant.

Like FutureGen, the GreenGen plant will gasify coal to extract the hydrogen while sequestering the CO2 emissions. The carbon dioxide will then be pumped into oil wells to aid in petroleum recovery.

If successful, GreenGen and FutureGen will provide near zero emissions and help clean up the two most polluting superpowers on this planet. And, not only this but they will create massive amounts of hydrogen that can be used for clean electricity or be sold for use in hydrogen cars and vehicles.

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