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Algae Balloons Interest in Producing Hydrogen

Over at Inhabitat is an interesting article about a proposal for a novel way to produce, store and distribute hydrogen for vehicles. The proposal calls for giant algae ponds coupled with large balloons to be built and set up in urban areas to generate hydrogen onsite for the refueling of automobiles.

A creative group in Philadelphia known as the 20/2 Collaborative came up with the design and shows some fairly inventive outside-the-box thinking when it comes to setting up a hydrogen infrastructure.

These algae ponds and balloons will create hydrogen renewably, sustainably and in an eco-friendly manner. The hydrogen will be created from algae in the ponds and fill up giant balloons, which will be used, in turn to fill up cars.

The algae balloon apparatus developed to be integrated into urban landscapes, was originally designed for possible use in Reykjavik, Iceland and was part of the Vatnsmyri Urban Planning Competition. This kind of outside-the-box thinking is most welcomed from those who wish to set up a hydrogen infrastructure that does not mimic the current oil infrastructure.

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