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Air Products to Turn Waste into Hydrogen in the UK

Air Products intends to build a production facility in Teesside, United Kingdom that will turn landfill waste into hydrogen gas. The hydrogen gas will be used to power as many as 50,000 homes and to refuel hydrogen cars at the Heathrow airport.

The hydrogen refueling station opened recently at Heathrow airport and is now powering fuel cell black taxi for the 2012 London Olympic Games. It will take approximately 700 employees to build the plant and 50 workers to maintain it once it’s been built.

According to Waste Management World, “…the plant would divert 350,000 metric tons of non-recyclable waste from landfill every year … On completion, the plant would use advanced gasification technology provided by plasma gasification specialists AlterNRG to convert waste into renewable energy.

“The company has already started preparatory work onsite, with full scale construction expected to begin shortly.”

Once again, Air Products is creating good green jobs, helping the environment and promoting hydrogen cars and a hydrogen-based economy. Two green thumbs up for their efforts on this project.

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