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Shell, GM to Build Hydrogen Fueling Stations in New York State

Shell and General Motors are partnering to build two new hydrogen fueling stations in New York State. The two fueling stations will be located in White Plains and Greenburgh. Both White Plains and Greenburgh were chosen for the fueling sites because the residents are open to new technology (with a high percentage already driving hybrid vehicles) and can afford new technology.

In both cities, the hydrogen fueling stations would be added to already existing gasoline stations as additional pumps. In Greenburgh, Shell will use a company-owned station and convert one of three islands to deliver hydrogen. The station will electrolyze water to produce 35 kilograms of hydrogen gas (the equivalent of 35 gallons of gasoline).

In White Plains, Shell plans to build a hydrogen fueling pump at the city’s public works garage at Brockway Place and Kensico Avenue at no cost to the city. Under the agreement, the construction will begin in early 2007 and the city may refuel up to five hydrogen vehicles for free.

Currently, Shell operates hydrogen fueling stations in Washington, DC and Sacramento, California inside the U. S. and also in Japan, Iceland and the Netherlands. Shell has also proposed two additional hydrogen stations for the Los Angeles area. Shell owns 13,500 gasoline stations nationwide and has not commented on any plans to rollout hydrogen fueling pumps to any of these stations on a nationwide basis.

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