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NREL, DOE & Google Launch TransAtlas Alt Fueling Map

TransAtlasThe National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Google have decided to launch an interactive TransAtlas map where a person can find fueling stations for hydrogen, propane, electric, LNG, CNG, E85 and Biodiesel. It’s a good start.

I’ve listed this particular map along with several others on a page called Hydrogen Fueling Station Locator Maps. One drawback I see already on the NREL, DOE and Google map is that it doesn’t list all of the public hydrogen fueling stations in California.

A quick search of the TransAtlas map will show about 20 hydrogen fueling stations listed. If one were to do the same search on the National Hydrogen Association map for public operational hydrogen fueling stations in California, one will see 27 stations listed.

But, nonetheless, the TransAtlas map is a worthy start and attempt to inform the public about alternative fueling stations open to them especially if a long road trip is desired. Use this map along with the other listed on the page I’ve linked to and you’ll get a better picture of where the hydrogen stations are (and aren’t) in this country right now.

One last noteworthy feature that the TransAtlas map has and the others don’t is the listing of current hydrogen production facilities in the U. S. For those who say there is currently no hydrogen infrastructure already in place this feature may just surprise you.

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