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Denmark Hydrogen Link Project Ready for Rapid Growth

The Hydrogen Link project based in Copenhagen, Denmark is ready for rapid growth over the next few years. The plan is that by 2015 the municipality of Copenhagen has 85-percent of its cars running on electric or hydrogen, which will total around 600 vehicles.

The plan also calls for a total conversion of its fleet to electric and hydrogen cars by 2025. In order to stimulate the building and rollout of hydrogen cars, Denmark has decided to make them tax exempt (rather than the usual 180-percent tax).

In addition, increased investments in hydrogen refueling stations is expected to double in order to meet these goals. By the end of this year Copenhagen will be adding 15 fuel cell vehicles and one hydrogen fueling station in anticipation of the United Nations Climate Meeting being held in December.

And, if a person owns a hydrogen car in Copenhagen, they will be able to take advantage of free parking as well. Now, I’ve talked about the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Project before and how it links together three other local projects including the Denmark Hydrogen Link Project, Norway’s HyNor and Sweden’s HyFuture Project.

The clustering of hydrogen cars and fueling stations geographically is a worthy idea also being piloted in Los Angeles, California. The Europeans, however, look as if they have a leg up in this regard and are charging ahead with hydrogen development and interlinking hydrogen car and fueling station networks.

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