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Asemblon Hydrnol Hydrogen Carrier Will Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Hydrnol Fueling StationIn January, I had talked about the Asemblon Hydrnol liquid hydrogen carrier that is a room-temperature hydrogen rich chemical compound that can easily separate the H2 to be used for internal combustion engines or fuel cell vehicles. According to Asemblon, their liquid hydrogen carrier can greatly reduce the cost of building a nationwide fueling station infrastructure.

Hydrnol can use the current fueling infrastructure (with slight modification) of trucks, trains, barges and pipelines to deliver their liquid hydrogen carrier to fueling stations nationwide. It is at these fueling stations that Hydrnol will be pumped inside the vehicles at a cost of less than $2.50 per kilogram (equivalent to a gallon).

Once inside the vehicles, hydrogen will be created on demand, separating it from the chemical compound, which can easily be recycled. This will be accomplished by using a retrofit kit supplied by the company including a dual-bladder fuel tank.

Unlike most modern hydrogen fueling stations, which can only service a dozen or fewer hydrogen vehicles a day, the Hydrnol station can service around 100 vehicles before the spent liquid chemical carrier has to be picked up, recycled and re-hydrogenated.

A few years back the U. S. Department of Energy published a document stating that replacing the current gasoline and diesel infrastructure with a hydrogen infrastructure would cost around $500 billion. This figure has since been disputed as flawed.

One company who says this cost can be much cheaper is Asemblon who states that using their product the figure will be less than $50 billion or about the price of the auto industry bailout all said and done and far less than the price of the AIG bailout.

Storing hydrogen as a chemical compound and using it on demand, according to Asemblon is much safer than storing compressed hydrogen gas with safety ratings similar to gasoline or diesel fuel.

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  1. Great, when can this be rolled out? It looks like a container that goes on the
    back of a truck. I wish there was hydrogen infrastructure in Oregon so we
    can drive fuel cell cars here. I’d like to request that this be brought to my town
    in Oregon, how would I go about that?

  2. admin

    You can contact the company directly. I’m sure they would like to hear about your interest.

  3. Talked to Asemblon.


    My response must be brief but we are planning to bid for hydrogen
    stations from Mexico into British Columbia along the I5 corridor.

    We will not be ready to deploy for 18 to 24 months.

    We are also working on technology to allow current internal combustion
    engines to be retrofitted to run on hydrogen for about $4,000.

    Hydrogen should cost the same as gasoline or diesel using our storage

    If you have not had a chance to visit our Frequently Asked Questions the
    URL is:

    Thank you for your interest in Asemblon.

    Bart Norton

  4. good economics, this is really cheap, now cars by mass production needs to be between 25,000 $ and 50,000, respectively, and this also affiliates a army, using tanks as well, and emergency carriers,in emergencies.also government can afford to,, also over a long period scaleable, if obama or australia and her friends do so,, oil at a 100 dollars a barral, this will,and also affiliate many a susstainable price hydrogen,,there for savings, make possible. and add other technologies such as full spectrum solar panels,and we come under the carbon limit very favourabily,and replace platium in pems….then tackle carbon capture into materials such that furnacing and hydrogen or desil or ethanol,can be used, and bio sources plane fuil.

  5. great the cost is on par with with the richest men, and still leave enougth also,,,as government pocket, amounts money and at 2,50 a gallon beats hands down 100,1 dollars a baroll 44 gallon drum, thus enough saved to handle dept,, and is very fatherable for military domestic use.

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