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St. Andrews School in Amarillo Wins Fuel Cell Car Challenge

St. Andrews Episcopal middle school in Amarillo, Texas has won this year’s Department of Energy (DOE) and General Motors sponsored National Science Bowl Hydrogen Fuel Cell Model Car Challenge. The Challenge took place at the University of Denver and St. Andrews beat out Salem Middle School in Apex, North Carolina to win $200 and a hydrogen rocket kit.

The first Hydrogen Fuel Cell Model Car Challenge took place in 2003. Pullman High School of Pullman, Washington won the competition and $1,000 beating out nine other high schools in the competition. The model cars in the competition use small solar panels to generate electricity and convert water to hydrogen and run it through a small onboard fuel cell that powers the vehicles.

Because the kids of today will be building the cars of tomorrow, it is exciting to see forward-thinking schools jump on the hydrogen fuel cell bandwagon, giving students a head start in an industry that will impact them their entire lives and the lives of their children as well.

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