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Whole Foods Market to Be Powered by Fuel Cell

Whole FoodsThe people who are currently driving around their zero emissions, hydrogen cars need to find an equally environmentally conscious grocery store in which to shop for fruit, vegetables and other necessities. Well, now the Whole Foods Market in Glastonbury, Connecticut has decided to install a hydrogen-powered fuel cell to supply ½ of their electricity and almost 100-percent of their hot water.

The fuel cell system will also be used as emergency backup power in case the grid goes dark for a day or so. The UTC Power stationary fuel cell will make sure that vegetables, fruit and other perishables don’t spoil in the event there is a blackout on the grid.

The 46,000 foot facility in the Fox Run Mall will be using a 200 kw UTC Power PureCell system not only for electricity, but the heat exhaust from the fuel cell will be used to cool the refrigeration cases all year round and heat the store in the winter months. The environmental benefits of the Whole Foods fuel cell will be comparable to removing 100 cars off the road or planting 21 acres worth of trees.

Whole Foods is the first national certified organic grocer in America and the world’s leading organic supermarket. It only makes sense that Whole Foods would want to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible in retailing its organic and natural foods. While other supermarkets are hydrogenating their oils, Whole Foods is powering their business on hydrogen, which is a lot healthier in the long run for all of us.

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