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Solar-Hydrogen House in Washington State

Yesterday I blogged about the solar-hydrogen home being built on an island in the Caribbean. On previous occasions, I’ve talked about other hydrogen homes that have already been built and are functioning in New Jersey, New York, Arizona and New Mexico.

Now, I would like to give a little attention to the solar-hydrogen home that has been built and is functioning on another island. Stephen Friend, Jason Lerner and Charles Delahunt have joined forces to develop this house on a remote island off the coast of Washington State since they were tired of hauling batteries to this off-grid location.

The home uses solar energy to electrolyze water into hydrogen and feed the hydrogen through a fuel cell to create electricity for the residence. The home uses 1,400 watt photovoltaic (PV) panels, a 500-gallon storage tank for the hydrogen and a 1 KW ReliOn fuel cell.

The hydrogen house is not occupied full-time, otherwise a larger PV, electrolyzer and storage tank would be needed. Kudos to these three amigos for making their weekend getaway a CO2-free zone.

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