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Mike Strizki Helps Haiti Harvest Hydrogen

hydraSeveral years ago I talked about Mike Strizki building the first hydrogen home in New Jersey. Mr. Strizki also has a prototype hydrogen car in his garage.

But, since service called, Strizki, CTO of The Essential Element, decided to help Haiti with hydrogen power. The Hydra system that Strizki brought to Haiti will be powered by solar energy and create clean water, hydrogen gas for cooking or running the gas through a fuel cell to create electricity.

According to ieee Spectrum, “A Hopewell, N.J., company called The Essential Element aims to provide all three with a mobile device that it says purifies more than 87,000 liters of water a day. The device will simultaneously create hydrogen for running an onboard fuel cell or for burning in a separate camp-style cooking stove. The unit also has wall sockets that can be used to charge cell phones and run other electronics.”

And, this isn’t the first time that Strizki has been in the Caribbean helping out. In 2007, he helped build the first solar-hydrogen home in the Caribbean.

Hydrogen power is coming from all angles including supplying power to cars and other vehicles, stationary buildings like homes and businesses and to small portable devices like laptops and cell phones and even mobile multipurpose units for third world countries.

The battery and oil companies had better stop underestimating the charge of the hydrogen companies as hydrogen technology is just beginning to gather steam in the marketplace.

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