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London’s Trafalgar Square Crib Lights Powered by Hydrogen

Today, to celebrate the Christmas season, in London’s Trafalgar Square the Crib lights will be powered from electricity generated by a hydrogen fuel cell. London Hydrogen Partnership’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trailer will provide up to 5 kw at St Martin-in-the Fields church to ring in the spirit of the holiday season.

The London Hydrogen Partnership (LHP) is attending this event in order to raise awareness and promote hydrogen and fuel cell technology as a clean alternative form of energy. LHP is also joining with the Transport for London to bring 60 hydrogen cars to London by 2010 plus a hydrogen refueling station in order to develop and showcase a clean and sustainable city.

On December 6, in California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger showed his holiday spirit in Sacramento by lighting the Christmas tree at the State Capitol building using a hydrogen fuel cell as well. From California to London, people are getting into the fuel cell spirit this season.

In Trafalgar Square, Christmas carols will be sung by a wide variety of groups and charities at the base of the Christmas tree. “I’m Dreaming of a Fuel Cell Christmas”, though is unlikely to be one of the songs sung.

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