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HyLights, HFPEurope, H2Moves Help EU Hydrogen Efforts

I’ve mentioned some of the European initiatives before such as HyFLEET:CUTE that are helping the EU move forward with hydrogen transportation technology. Now, I’d like to mention three more interrelated EU initiatives that are also helping in the efforts.

First, HyLights is a European lighthouse project aimed at promoting hydrogen mobility. The HyLights project develops a framework for new hydrogen and fuel cell projects and indentifies gaps for the next stages of the projects. This initiative also assesses financial and legal aspects for the development of new projects.

Second, HFPEurope (or the European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Platform) focuses on developing cost competitive hydrogen and fuel cell automotive technology along with stationary and portable devices as well. HFPEurope was established by the European Commission.

Third, H2Moves shows the progress of various European hydrogen projects. Some of the projects include HyFLEET:CUTE, HyChain, ZeroRegio and Zemship. A detailed map shows the locations of various projects throughout Europe.

With the EU’s commitment to hydrogen transportation we may just see the vehicles and supporting infrastructure in place far before the U. S. gets motivated. Then again with a new President coming into office, a little political will may go a long way in keeping up in this race.

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