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Florida Ripening Its Hydrogen Technology

So much has been written about hydrogen technology growing by leaps and bounds in California that it often overshadows other locations. But, Florida has also been making strides towards getting into the hydrogen game as they have recently installed their second hydrogen fueling station and are creating the state’s first hydrogen home owned by a regular customer.

Florida’s first hydrogen fueling station, part of an existing ChevronTexaco facility, went online early in 2007 near the airport in Orlando. The second hydrogen fueling station, a collaboration by BP, Ford and the state of Florida, has opened in the town of Oviedo, about 10 miles from the first station.

The new station will refuel six Ford Focus fuel cell vehicles and give park rangers and field inspectors a zero emissions ride as they make their rounds.

The hydrogen home in Miami will be the state’s third such residence, but the first by a regular customer. The first hydrogen house is one built by Florida State University, which is completely off-grid using solar energy as well as H2 to power the residence.

The second hydrogen home is the governor’s mansion itself. This “sanctuary mansion for hydrogen” uses a 5 kw fuel cell to supply electricity and solar energy is also used to heat the pool.

The first residential hydrogen home from a regular customer is being installed by the Hydra Fuel Cell Corporation. Hydra has already installed another residential unit in Texas on the Gulf Coast. The company’s HydraStax fuel cell system will be installed in the Miami residence on December 14, 2007. Hydra expects its home hydrogen fuel cell system to deliver electricity cheaper than that delivered by the grid.

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