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Apple vs PC and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Electronics

This blog post has nothing to do with hydrogen cars so if this is all you’re interested in then please stop reading. This blog post is about the growing hydrogen economy, however, and how both Microsoft PCs and Apple Computers are now connected to this emerging technology for powering laptops and cell phones.

According to this article, Apple Computers has been awarded a Liquidmetal patent for use in a hydrogen fuel cell. Cult of Mac says, “Last year, Apple signed an exclusive agreement to use the Liquidmetal Technologies’ IP in consumer electronic products. But of course, the ever-secretive company hasn’t hinted at its plans for the material. The possibilities are endless. Liquidmetal is a super lightweight, high-strength, scratch-proof metal that NASA says is ‘poised to redefine materials science as we know it in the 21st century.’”

LiquidMetal is highly desirable because it has high tensile strength, is noncorrosive and can be molded into different shapes. The hydrogen fuel cells that will use the LiquidMetal are rumored to be developed to be used in future iPhones and future iPads.

Now, on the Microsoft front hydrogen fuel cells will be used in a similar matter. A company called Fluid Computer Systems has developed a tablet PC that uses the Windows 7 operating system and a hydrogen fuel cell for power.

The fuel cell powered tablet PC will be shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2011) in Las Vegas this month. According to rumors this tablet will be 4G friendly through Sprint and perhaps even Verizon.

Now what does this have to do with hydrogen cars you ask? Good question. Hydrogen cars and other vehicles are inevitable. I can feel the naysayers cringing now. But, like all emerging technologies the development of some of the smaller industries inside the big hydrogen economy picture will grow faster than other parts.

The use of large stationary fuel cells and small fuel cells for electronic devices has already been commercialized and these industries are growing at a rapid pace. Hydrogen vehicles such as forklifts and palette trucks have also been commercialized and are growing at a rapid pace.

Hydrogen scooters and other small H2 powered vehicles will most likely be the next industry to be commercialized. Hydrogen cars are now trailing the pack as huge but manageable infrastructure issues need to be overcome.

But, the wagons are circling the naysayers. As each new part of the hydrogen economy falls into place and becomes commercialized it is only a matter of time until hydrogen cars are the norm and not just a promise. The more the public becomes familiar with hydrogen fuel cells and acceptance grows, there will be little resistance when the time comes for hydrogen cars to rollout and be accepted by drivers of all walks of life in many countries around the globe.

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  1. Type fuel cell cars in the search bar of Youtube then try super capacitors.You will see The Terminator look little children in the eye and say “these cars are in your future” and a representative from Volks/Audi Bejing say they will be selling 1,000,000 fcv’s by2018 then try the super kanooter thing and you see a bunch of hacks with a kit from radio shack.

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