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What If Hydrogen Cars Are Not the Answer?

Of course as a hydrogen car advocate, I do believe that hydrogen cars are the answer (or at least one of the answers) to reducing emissions and dependence upon foreign fossil fuels. But, sometimes, I also find it useful to play Devil’s Advocate and so I found an interesting poll called Survey: Are Efficient Cars the Answer? conducted this poll and elicited some interesting responses such as the real problem lay with their being too many humans on Earth and people can adopt a lifestyle change easier than changing automotive technology and infrastructure. Mass transit and riding bikes are also reported to be other options rather than adopting fuel-efficient cars.

So, perhaps the automobile manufacturers are missing the point that people in general, would rather use other means to reduce emissions and dependence upon foreign energy. If a good portion of the population believes that fuel-efficient cars are not the answer then hydrogen cars and other alternative fuel vehicles are truly in trouble.

Then again, the answer most likely will lay in the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles such as hydrogen cars and other means as a total program geared towards reducing emissions and foreign dependence. It will take a concerted effort on all fronts to clean up the air and live an energy independent lifestyle. And this, as I see it, is an attainable and worthy goal.

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