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What Hydrogen Cars Won’t Do for You

Hydrogen cars have been seen as a panacea by many to solve all of the problems associated with the transportation industry. Hydrogen cars will undoubtedly help the environment by releasing of zero emissions into the atmosphere. Hydrogen cars will also help in national security by lessening the nation’s dependence upon foreign fossil fuels.

But, now that this has been stated it is important to keep some perspective as to what moving from an oil-based transportation system to one that is based on hydrogen won’t do for consumers.

Here’s a list of the top 10 things hydrogen cars won’t do:

1. Clear up traffic jams and congestion
2. Open up parking spots near the mall entrance at Christmas time
3. Get you from point A to point B any faster
4. Stop you from being late to work, kids soccer games, etc.
5. Fix potholes in the road
6. Speed up construction projects that are restricting traffic
7. Keep anyone from getting a DUI / DWI
8. Keep drivers from getting into accidents
9. Change its own tire
10. Cure road rage

So, while hydrogen cars will offer a vast improvement over the oil-burners that are in place today in regards to dependency and environment, they will not slice, dice, and make Julian fries and they will not cure all of the current problems we face when driving our automobiles. When hydrogen cars are in place, we’ll all be able to breathe just a little easier while we’re yelling at the guy who has just cut us off in traffic or at the lady who has just taken our parking spot. And, while you may be fuming over other driver’s behaviors, you won’t be fuming because of automobile exhaust. This in itself will be a vast improvement.

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