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Water Powered Cars – Hydrogen Fuel from Chemicals

It’s good to see other bloggers such as Matt Andrews talking about the feasibility of water-powered cars. Like many ideas that start out as science fiction, some of these ideas actually become science. Not that there are currently any water-powered cars being demonstrated, but there is some research and development being conducted on such cars.

Boron is one of the named substances that can be combined with water to create a chemical reaction in order to generate hydrogen that can be run through a fuel cell to power a car or other vehicle. Apparently, there is plenty of boron in the U. S. and Turkey to satisfy future needs if this technology takes off.

In fact, a derivative of boron, sodium borohydride has been used to power a ferry boat in Newport Beach, California and San Francisco. The Duffy ferry boat used a Millennium Cell Hydrogen-On-Demand system, which combined sodium borohydride and water to generate hydrogen and power the boat via fuel cell. The beauty of this system is that when the sodium borohydride is used for the reaction it is turned from a corrosive substance into an inert salt that can be sent off and recycled back into sodium borohydride for future use.

Another company working on developing a water-powered car is Hydrogen Power International, which is using water, aluminum and a catalyst to generate hydrogen-on-demand and run through an internal combustion engine. With this system, minimal electricity is used from the car’s battery to power the water pump and controller.

If either of these chemically-based hydrogen-on-demand systems is successful, this will eliminate the need to build a vast hydrogen infrastructure as a chemical compound and water is all that will be needed in order to fuel a car.

Then again, what would we do with all of those abandoned gasoline stations on every corner?

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