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Water-Powered Car Designs on Ebay

Want to turn your gas-guzzler into a water-powered car? So do thousands of people. A couple of days ago I blogged about a company called Hydrogen Power International that says they are using aluminum plus a catalyst to create a future water-powered car.

So, with hydrogen cars coming to age in the public’s awareness, I started thinking (oh, there I go again!) about where one might find early commercial advertisements concerning hydrogen cars that are available now. And, then I though, why not Ebay?

So, I performed a search on Ebay for “hydrogen cars” in order to see if there were actually any hits. Wa-la! There were 29 hits. I decided to go the cheapest route possible and an ad stating, “Hydrogen Water Powered Car – It Works & It’s So Simple” caught my eye. For fun, I plunked down the $2.99 for plans and diagrams of “How To Convert Your Car or Truck to Run Using Ordinary Tap Water!”

In an email, I received a zipped file with the instructions and diagrams on how to build a water fuel system to attach to any car or vehicle so that it can run using only water. I’ll save you the trouble and expense since all of the information I received is actually posted on the Internet at this link.

The plans defy the conventional wisdom concerning electrolysis and claim to use only a fraction of the energy to produce hydrogen than a normal electrolysis machine.

The inventor of the water-powered car designs died from poisoning in 1998. Apparently, this has led to a slew of conspiracy theories about “Who killed the water-powered car.”

So far, there are no known cases of anyone using these instructions to create a water-powered car.

But, I’ll let you make the call – hoax or not?

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  1. I’ll go one farther. I didn’t purchase the plans as I figured they were bogus after speaking with the person selling them. I started to report him to Ebay for scamming people but Ebay is too hard to deal with so I dropped it.

    If you visit my blog at you can see some videos that I’ve done on some of the processes.

    In a nutshell? Using aluminum won’t work because after a period of time the water becomes too thick to be of use and you have to continuously change it out.

    Using pure water won’t work because not enough electricity will flow through tap water as there is not enough resistance. It is also very abrasive to your components. Anyone that says you can do it with salt water: well just see my video to remove all doubts.

    I am still working on some other ideas that I think might improve on the design and will post those tests as I get them done.


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