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Volkswagen Passat Lingyu FCV Road Testing in California

Volkswagen Passat Lingyu FCVLast summer I had talked about the Volkswagen Passat Lingyu FCV rolling out in China for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I had also talked last November about this same VW Lingyu fuel cell vehicle coming to the 2008 Los Angeles International Auto Show.

Now, it looks like 16 of the 20 vehicles produced will be tested on U. S. soil. In specific it now looks like the Volkswagen Passat Lingyu FCV will be part of the testing program at the California Fuel Cell partnership in Sacramento, California.

The VW Passat FCV has a range of 146 miles, a top end of 90 mph and has already been road tested for 50,000 miles. Out of the Volkswagen vehicles, I’ve personally test-driven the Touran HyMotion and the Audi A2H2 and look forward to driving this vehicle when it comes to Southern California sometime next year.

This year, a person may be able to drive the VW Lingyu FCV at the National Hydrogen Association Conference in Columbia, South Carolina, though this hasn’t been confirmed yet. Volkswagen will be there for the ride and drive portion, but the specific vehicles they will bring are unknown now and I’ll have to update this info at a later time.

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