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Virgin Airlines Teams Up With GM Hydrogen Cars

Just days after Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines drank jet-grade biofuel made from Brazilian babassu nuts and coconuts, the maverick CEO announced that his company was teaming up with automaker GM to provide hydrogen cars at airports to Upper Class passengers. Branson, an advocate for the world tourism and even the space tourism industry has called upon airlines to go green in order to help in the fight against global warming.

The partnership between Virgin Atlantic Airlines and General Motors puts three Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell vehicles at the Los Angeles International Airport. In October 2004, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger opened up California’s first public hydrogen fueling station at LAX.

The Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell crossover vehicles will serve as limousines to Upper Class passenger who need a ride to and from local hotels. This hydrogen-powered limousine service is part of GM’s Project Driveway, the largest U. S. test marketing of hydrogen cars to date.

Project Driveway is expected to put over 100 fuel cell Equinoxes in the hands of regular consumers and to date has rolled out several vehicles to participants in Southern California and New York. The Virgin project will help customers and airline reduce their carbon footprint while helping GM with real world testing of their vehicles.

Sir Richard Branson has also called for the governments in the U. S., UK and other nations to set up hydrogen fueling stations in major cities to aid in the roll out of hydrogen vehicles. Now, if we can just get Sir Richard Branson to drink a little water from the tailpipe of the Equinox Fuel Cell, we will be assured that the biofuels are properly flushed out of his system.

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