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TU Delft H2 Race Car Forze IV to Be Reckoned With

Forze IV
Forze IV

In August 2010, I had talked about the Technical University Delft’s Greenchoice Forze hydrogen fuel cell racing go-kart winning the Formula Zero competition in the Hague, Netherlands. They had beaten a gasoline-powered car to take home the honors.

This year the team of students decided to upgrade their fuel cell vehicle. According to TU Delft, “The team, which consists of around 50 students, gained three years’ experience designing and building hydrogen cars. Whereas in recent years the car was based on a super cart, this year the team decided to take things further and develop a more grown-up racing car. The new car is larger, has a complex suspension system and contains a new hydrogen fuel cell system designed by the students. It is this system which is responsible for the racing power as well as forming the beating heart of the racing car.”

The Impression Forze IV hydrogen fuel cell racing car will be making its first appearance at the Formula Student competition competing against 500 other universities. As long as hydrogen from water is the preferred method for generating the fuel, this will truly be a zero emissions racecar.

The whole idea of hydrogen racecars seems a bit contradictory. With NASCAR or Le Mans there is a fair amount of vehicle emissions that the crowds and crew have to contend with. But, by using hydrogen, it proves that you don’t have to sacrifice speed in order to help the environment or cut down our reliance on foreign oil.

The eco-friendly Forze is a force to be reckoned with in regard to zero emissions and competing nose to nose with the other vehicles on the course.

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