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Toyota to Sell Fuel Cells to Midsize Car Companies

Toyota says it will consider selling the major components of its fuel cell systems to midsize automakers that don’t have the R&D budget to build the components from the ground up.

The reason for this is two-fold. If there are more fuel cell vehicles being sold it will be easier for governments and other agencies to spend the money to develop hydrogen fueling stations.

A second reason is that the more fuel cell systems that Toyota sells, the more money they will make and they will be able to slash costs due to the efficiencies of mass production.

According to the Japan Times, “Since the huge cost of developing the next-generation cars will be difficult for midsize companies to bear, Toyota is considering supplying such parts as fuel cells, high-pressure hydrogen tanks and motors to accelerate the spread of FCVs.”

It’s a win-win for Toyota and the smaller automakers who wish to compete in the FCV marketplace. And if more hydrogen fueling stations are being built because of this, then that’s another win, too.


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